How to choose bale net wrap?

Saturday , 30.04.2022

HOW TOchoose bale net wrap? Using baler in the hay harvest  can help you more quickly and efficiently pack the blanks in splits or bale net wrap. The most type of roll balers that work with splits can work also with the press bale net wrap. But it’s should be selected correctly. Which bale net […]

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How much does the hay or wheat hay bale weigh?

Tuesday , 25.01.2022

“How much does the hay bale weigh?” This question can be rather unreasonable and fun for people who aren’t involved in agriculture or animal husbandry. Farmers obviously understand that, first of all, the health of their livestock and net salary and many other things depend on the quality and quantity of harvested animal feed.

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What affects the baler`s accuracy during the wrapping with bale net

Wednesday , 29.12.2021

The operator of the baler can control the number of the net wrappings from the control panel in the cab or using the mechanical drive of the equipment. The settings on the baler are indicative, but cannot be taken as precise. The number of actual wrappings the baker makes around the bale may vary due to the different factors. Find out more about it.

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How climate and UV radiation influences bale net strength

Monday , 20.12.2021

The level of UV radiation differs in different regions of the world. In Norway, it is lower than, for example, in Argentina, and in Mexico City it is definitely higher than in England. Accordingly, in these countries, the impact on the bale net, which is wrapped around the bales, is different if it is left for storage just in the field. This depends on different climatic zones. In addition, the environmental impact of the hay net may differ from the level of air pollution.

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