Polypak sends bale net wraps around the world

Friday , 14.04.2023

We usually send goods for the new packing farming season in December-January. But this year there were so many orders and additional orders that we finished with shipments of the main large lots only at the beginning of March.

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Congratulate you on the bright holiday of Easter

Friday , 07.04.2023

We congratulate you and your loved ones on the bright holiday of Easter! After all, this day, like no other, marks the beginning of something new and bright.
We wish you peace, harmony, prosperity and understanding. Let it be in everything – with your family, friends and relatives, with your colleagues, partners and contractors.

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Brief guide to bale net wrap

Thursday , 30.03.2023

Bale net wrap has long conquered the packaging market and is actively used on various farms. Despite this, many people have questions about its operation, storage rules and characterization before buying. We are going to answer some of the frequently asked questions from buyers in this article.

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5 farming myths to debunk

Monday , 27.02.2023

Although agriculture has been feeding people for many centuries, more and more new myths continue to appear around it. In fact, there are probably more than a hundred of them, but in this article we will consider only 5.

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What can you pack in a Polypak net bale wrap?

Friday , 24.02.2023

In winter, the lack of food can be a very big problem for any farm that breeds animals. Buying feed for several months for a large herd is extremely expensive. That is why farm owners and their technologists are concerned about the issue of foraging. In different regions, the months for this active period may differ. They are also highly dependent on what grasses, grains or other types of cattle feed stuff are available in the region.

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