POLYPAK Products Co. Ltd. Story

POLYPAK products co. ltd. has become one of the world’s round bale net wrap suppliers since 1997.

It all started with few people and a great desire to provide a high-quality product. Led by Mr. Chen, they all made a small family business to become #1 from all bale net wrap manufacturers in China. With the right leadership from his descendants and over 20 years of development, we now account for almost 70% of the Chinese market.

We are proud to say that one man’s strong intention has flourished into a 200-people family with 12 engaged in R&D. With our joint forces, we take care of over 20,000 sq.m. of production facilities annually providing 250,000 rolls of bale net wrap.  70% of those are exported to North America, Australia, and Europe.

With a strong international presence, we are aiming to become the best of bale net suppliers in the world now.

The Company was established in Zhejiang, China.
The Company started to produce and export BALE NET WRAP into the North American Market.
The annual sales of BALE NET WRAP exceeded 100 000 rolls, the annual output exceeded 15 million US dollars, and the number of employees reached 137.
The annual sales of BALE NET WRAP exceeded 250 000 rolls, the annual output exceeded 30 million US dollars, and the number of employees reached 220.
The number of employees in the Company reached 50, and the annual output exceeded 5 million US dollars.
The annual output exceeded 10 million US dollars.
The 2end factory was established to specialize in the production of BALE NET WRAP.
The Company prepared to construct warehouses in Poland and Germany.

Recent Numbers


owning and operating 21,000 sq.m. of the production plants

225 employees
caring for the quality of the product

annual sales exceeds 250,000 rolls, enough to wrap the Earth


over 35 million US$ of net wrap sold per year


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