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Our products are compatible with all popular balers. Therefore, acquiring bale net wraps, you can be sure that it will suit you. Also, you can always get advice from our experts.

You can use bale net wrap for any kind of crop. To select the right product, please consult our experts.

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Bale net wraps – is a packaging material designed for pressing feed using balers. It allows you to form compact bales for easy storage, prevents the ingress of moisture and air. As a result, hay does not lose consumer properties and does not deteriorate, even under the influence of the environment.

This is a product made of high strength polypropylene yarns that are twisted together. Twine for baling is an ideal option for those who are looking for a universal solution. Since it is suitable for wrapping round bales and rectangular bales with hay manually and using special equipment. It has excellent elasticity, strength, and resistance to wear.

The baler is special equipment that is designed for the bale of hay. Allows you to automate the packaging process and provides reliable pressing. A huge number of models from world brands are presented on the market. Depending on the material used and needs, each one will have its own option.

Bale net wraps has gained immense popularity around the world and it is absolutely justified. Among the advantages:

  • increase in the operational period of the baler, due to the reduction in the number of revolutions of the bale.
  • Reduces bale formation time. It allows you to get approximately 15-20 more bales per hour than using twine.
  • Provides easy removal. The product is easy to remove, even at low temperatures.

The packaging material used for preserving feed. Its key feature is that it allows you to save the consumer properties of straw and haylage over a long period of time. The film retains the volume, useful properties, and nutritional value of feed.

It is a type of packaging material for storing straw. It has high elasticity and strength, which allows for efficient and reliable use. It has a high adhesive ability and creates a reliable seal feed. As a result, blanks perfectly retain valuable properties and lose volume.

This packaging material has a seamless design with two open edges. Suitable for cereals, sugar beet pulp, haylage, etc. The use of polymer sleeves in the straw storage can provide significant savings and reliability while maintaining the consumer properties of the workpieces.

Harvesting animal feed usually begins in mid-June, namely when it is already quite high. For example, legumes are usually mowed when the buds begin to emerge, cereals – at the time of heading. This is individual and depends on the type of feed and region. You can always get additional advice regarding packaging and storage from our specialists.

The quality of hay directly affects animal health. Therefore, the proper collection and storage of crops are of great importance. Baling of blanks allows you to save the useful properties of straw and haylage, their volume, value. This protects the feed from moisture and the negative effects of the environment while maintaining its consumer properties.


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