Extra Force Net Wrap: reliable packaging for feedstuff from Polypak

Friday , 09.02.2024

In modern agriculture, efficiency and harvest safety are key aspects for livestock growth and profit. Therefore, proper packaging plays an important role. One of the world leaders in the field of bale net wraps is our company Polypak. Our innovative Extra Force Net Wrap is perfect for wrapping a wide variety of crops. Below in the article we will look at the key characteristics and advantages of this bale net wrap.

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Hay, beleage or haylage: pros, cons, features

Friday , 02.02.2024

Most farmers prepare feedstuff for the winter in one familiar way and do not think about any other alternatives. Now production costs and maintenance costs have increased so much that it is imperative to consider all options and choose the most suitable for the farm. Better yet, combine several at once to increase productivity.

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How you can improve your late harvest feed stuff

Tuesday , 16.01.2024

Some seasons are rainy, so farmers do not have time to harvest hay due to weather conditions. Most often this is an autumn problem. Heavy and frequent rainfall, as well as delays in harvesting, result in feed stuff being damaged and of lower quality than farmers would like.

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Polypak Agri Net Wrap: net bale wraps provide reliable packaging for your feedstuff

Tuesday , 09.01.2024

In agriculture, choosing the right bale net wrap plays a key role in maintaining the quality, nutritional value and safety of feedstuff. Polypak Agri Net Wrap provides secure packaging for a variety of feedstuff types such as straw, hay, haylage, silage and corn. Their high strength provides reliable protection of the contents of the bales from external influences.

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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Thursday , 21.12.2023

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! We wish you that these holidays bring to your home not only garlands and festive decor, but also bright moments of meetings with loved ones, warmth of family dinners and inspiration for new achievements in the coming year!

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Results of Agritechnica-2023

Monday , 04.12.2023

The Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover is truly a great event for the entire European agro-industrial market. And our team is glad that this year 2023 we were there as one of the participants.

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What to feed a flock during a drought

Wednesday , 22.11.2023

During the grazing season, in case of drought, feed prices always rise sharply. In addition, often the farmer is not able to buy good quality hay at all during such periods. That is why it is important to plan a feeding program not only for the winter period, when grazing is not possible, but also taking into account possible drought. Then your flock will survive this difficult period without losses.

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Bale net wrap Colorful World Net Wrap by Polypak

Friday , 03.11.2023

Colorful World Net Wrap — one of the bale net wraps we continually produce. Suitable for packaging various feed stuff: hay, straw, haylage, as well as for packaging silage with subsequent film wrapping.
Packing occurs using a baler from edge to edge. Suitable for almost all of the world’s most popular equipment models. The result is well-packed, dense bales of feed stuff that are easy to transport, store and portion feed stuff to your herd.

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Happy International Farmer’s Day

Wednesday , 11.10.2023

HappyInternational Farmer’s Day Happy International Farmer’s Day to everyone who works in this field! We wish you generous harvests and lambings, successful weather conditions, excellent financial results and incomes higher than expected! May your every day be filled not only with work, but also with pleasure and happiness with your loved ones. We wish you […]

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