Polypak sendsbale net wraps around the world

We usually send goods for the new packing farming season in December-January. But this year there were so many orders and additional orders that we finished with shipments of the main large lots only at the beginning of March. This was a record long time and extremely efficiently. We are proud of every our employee who took part in this process. Such long shipping by distributor was due solely to a large number of orders. Even during extra night shifts of warehouse, it was a difficult time which taught us many things.

Polypak bale net wraps under the Polypak brand and customers’ own brands have been sent from the warehouse to many provinces in China. But most of the manufactured products have been sent to other countries and continents: North America and South America, Europe, England, Australia, Asia. Most orders came from Europe, South America and China. Most of the manufactured products were shipped by sea.

Such large sales have become available to us thanks to the high trust of our partners and customers. We are grateful to everyone who we cooperate with, whether it is only since 2022 or since the founding of our company in 1997. These high sales were also become possible thanks to that last year, we significantly expanded our production facilities and office, completing the construction of a large office and industrial complex. There are also residential floors for employees from the regions, which were completely full between December and March because we expanded our warehouse shipping team.

We still have not reached the maximum of our production capabilities, so we would be glad to cooperate with new customers. Contact us if you need a large amount of a quality bale net wrap to pack hay, straw, haylage or green fodder. We are also waiting and will be happy to discuss cooperation with new dealers. We can produce bale net wraps with any specifications and also brand the products for another trademark. A whole department of 12 people works on quality control.

If you are interested in ordering, just contact us to discuss all the details – from price to delivery to your country.