Bale size andbaler selection

The purchase of any equipment for agriculture is often a rather lengthy process. It starts with the emergence of a need and choice, ends with the direct delivery of new equipment to the farm, followed by a test run and debugging by the operator. The right choice of equipment is important for many reasons.

Firstly, because any purchases are expenses that must justify themselves. No one in business wants to spend more than necessary. Therefore, for example, it makes no sense to buy very powerful tractors for mini-farm balers.

Secondly, when it comes to buying a baler, it is important that it fits with other equipment that is on the farm and complements it with productivity.

Thirdly, when choosing equipment, one should always take into account the total cost of equipment maintenance and, for example, the final cost of use. In the case of a baler, this could be the cost of packaging the feed stuff. It must be within reasonable limits.

3 factors that reduce the productivity of a baler in forage harvesting

With all of the above in mind, there are 3 factors to consider when choosing a baler that can limit the production of any agricultural machine: power, throughput, speed, and tractive effort.

  1. Baler power limitation occurs if it is used with a tractor with a low power of 75 hp. This will be especially noticeable with a high-yielding swath.
  2. The productivity limitation is noticeable when harvesting a high-yield swath with a low-capacity baler. Especially if the tractor is 140 hp.
  3. The speed limit occurs when a low yield swath is harvested by a large capacity baler with a tractor of suitable size and power. In this problem, a solution may be to rake two swaths into one.


Important! We also remind you of the basic rule for choosing a baler for a tractor: the tractor must be heavier. In this case, you will be able to freely control the equipment even in case of uneven ground

Packing bales in a bale net wrap

Polypak has been a manufacturer of bale net wrapps exclusively for over 15 years. Therefore, we see how much demand for this type of feed stuff packaging material has increased throughout the world during this time. Farmers still use twine, but the undeniable benefits of bale netting are making it more and more popular.

As a bale net wrap manufacturer, we provide much more opportunities than ordinary dealers: tailoring to your specific needs, branding. And also, of course, you get the best price if you order directly from the manufacturer.

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