7 reasonsa bale net wrap for a hay baler

We are always in close contact with our partners and potential partners that’s why we exactly know 7 reasons why distributors and large farm businesses choose Polypak. We want to tell you about it.


Our manufacturing facilities allow producing a wide variety of bale net wrap with different technical specifics. We are really able to change everything you need. Beginning from the size and ending with raw material components for bale net and wrapping.

More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and our own research department with 12 workers allow us to be experts in the product which we produce.  So if you have some difficulty with a choice of order characteristics you can ask our technical employee a question. We are glad for your cooperation and feedback.

Competitive price

 Order directly from us and you get the best price without the dealer’s extra charge. We have been producing for a long time for export, sending our products to all continents. That’s why our logistics department can advise you how it’s better to get your order on time. Our sales managers offer you a competitive price so you can subsequently make on selling bale net wrap. Or you can save if you make an order for your own farm.

Warranted quality

Our development department checks the quality of each consignment of goods. There are two stages of checking: mechanical and manual. That’s why we have had only 2 returns for 20 years of working.

Reputation is very important for us as for manufacturer. More than 92% of our new customers are becoming our regular clients. That’s why quality control is one of the essential processes not only in the manufacturing cycle and also in all business processes of the company.

Responsible manufacturing

Our new factory is equipped with solar panels on the roof because we are trying to reduce the harm from manufacture. A lot of technical processes were changed to reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere and we replaced the equipment with more modern and energy-efficient ones. As many of our workers are living in Polypak’s complex it reduces the negative effect on the environment because workers’ road is minimized. Read more about our new factory here.


We produce Polypak bale net wrap from materials that are 100% recyclable. Moreover the new formula for producing helps us cut down plastic using by 15%. It reduces negative effect from production of material and also from its usage.

We can also produce a wrapping for products using up to 70% recyclables. You can discuss the details direct with your manager.

Responsibility for each deal

 We don’t ship small orders. Minimal order is one pallet. That’s why we don’t have many customers and we can maximally concentrate of each our client. Our managers do by each deal in a responsible way and it’s also one of the reasons why 92% of our clients are becoming our regular customers. Please take the time and pay attention to the order (especially technical part) and our managers, logistics specialist, workers and control department take care of the rest.


Some manufacturers produce bale net wrap using only own brand. It’s not a problem for us to produce our products with your brand, it’s just an extra service that we can provide with pleasure. Branding is possible all over the length of bale net wrap and wrapping. You can find more details here.

Get in touch with us. We are always happy to answer any questions.