Why net ismore profitable than twine

The price of a roll of wrapping material is not an indication of the wrapping cost of one bale. In addition, the metres indicated on the packaging of some manufacturers does not always match the stated one. But you can be sure that the price corresponds to Polypak package, because our quality department is on the customers’ side.


To get the right price for your wrapping, you need to calculate the bale yield per bale on the baler you are using at your farm. Only knowing the bale yield, you can calculate the cost of one bale wrapping.


Net wrap Cost/ number of wrapped bales = net price per bale


Polypak’s most popular net has an actual roll length of 3000 m, which is exactly as stated. Comparing the other sizes of bale net wrap Polypak.


In many cases, using our net, you can reduce the number of turns to a minimum. This will increase the number of wrapped bales per bale and reduce your wrapping costs.

Is twine for bales cheaper?

Let’s compare the cost of wrapping with net and twine for hay bales.

To wrap a 1.5 m bale at 2.5 turns, you need 12 m of net, and 48 m of twine will be needed for bale wrapping. Let’s take the average cost of a bale of net and twine for spring 2021 to calculate. The cost of net wrapping: 127E / (3000 m roll / 12 m) = 0.5E / bale, twine: 12E / (3000 m roll/ 48 m) = 0.192/ bale. Twine is cheaper, but it is only the cost of materials. What else needs to be considered?

When the baler chamber is full of hay, the baler stops and does the wrapping of the bale with net. This time is about 15 seconds. With twine for tying bales, wrapping takes about 60 seconds.

The net baler will produce 40 net bales in one hour, but it will take 45 seconds longer to wrap 1 bale with twine. Twine will take 30 minutes longer to wrap the same number of bales.

Wrapping with net is 1.5 times faster, which saves fuel, workers’ wages, and reduces the depreciation costs of the tractor and baler.

Why is netting more profitable than twine?

If you add up all the costs, the price of wrapping with net and twine will be equal, but the work when using net will take 1.5 times less time. Thus, the price of bale twine, along with other costs, will be higher than using netting under the same conditions.