Your brandedbale net wrap

Own well-known brand is one of the tools that allows companies to gain a foothold in the market. Since the longer the company is known to consumers, the more recognizable its products, the more trust and more sales. That is why we, as manufacturers of bale net wrap, provide our customers with such an additional option as product branding.

Bale net wrap branding can include two components: changing the product packaging and making the product itself in the colors you need, as well as with all the necessary textual information. Both of these help to distinguish your products from competitors’ offers, draw attention to them, and increase sales.

Why you need to brand the bale net wrap

Regardless of the category and type of product, branding helps it stand out among the offers and be remembered by potential consumers faster. This increases the chances of buying, as people are more likely to choose something familiar than new, and something attractively packaged rather than plain unassuming. This works absolutely for any field and product, including bale net wraps.

Product branding allows:

  • Create a positive impression of the product, as the packaging is the first thing the consumer sees. Even if now a person is looking for something else, attractive wrapping and the name on it will be remembered when he sees the products in the window. And this will help in choosing exactly your product when the need arises, since there has already been contact in the past with your brand.
  • Accelerate your customer’s choice if they are already familiar with your products, thanks to familiar and noticeable wrapping.
  • Visually convey information that is read by the human brain much faster than text
  • Increase the memorability of the name and logo of the company, create a positive image among regular customers and thus increase the likelihood of subsequent purchases.

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Branded bale net wrapping 

Each roll of Polypak bale net wrap is carefully and tightly packed. Directly on top of the bale net wrap, we place a paper sheet that contains all the important basic information about the manufacturer, product and batch quality control.

From above the bale net wrap is packed into polyethylene. It can also be painted in the colors you want and contain useful information for the consumer, including the name of the manufacturing company and its logo. This packaging protects the products from the negative effects of the external environment during storage and transportation, and helps to preserve all its properties for a long time. That is why we pay close attention to it.

As an additional convenient option for your customers, you can order the production of a bale net wraps with handles. This will increase the convenience of carrying them and loading them into the baler. Of course, this will make the products a little more expensive, but more comfortable for the consumer – the farmer. The cost of the batch, depending on changes in packaging and technical properties, you can find out from our managers. We calculate the cost of each batch of goods individually, because in the same way – personally – we treat each of our customers.

Polypak has been working for many years to reduce the negative environmental impact of production on the environment. That is why our packaging materials and the bale net wrap itself are recyclable and made partly from recycled materials. The product packaging itself can contain up to 70% recycled materials.

Discuss the details when ordering with your manager. All indicators can vary and change directly to the requirements of your company. This is one of the key factors that makes working directly with the Polypack manufacturer so attractive.

Bale net wrap branding

Packaging is not all of your branding options available with us. We can also change the colors of the bale net wrap to make it different from any other. For example, some of our customers order bale net wrap in the colors of their country’s flag or in their brand colors. In this case, even a bale just packed in the field becomes a small advertisement for the company, especially when it is in bright and noticeable colors.

If you need help with the development of a personal design for the brand colors and logo of your company, you can contact our technologists. Over 25 years of experience in the field of bale net wrapping has allowed us to accumulate a lot of experience not only in the technical but also in the marketing direction.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order a batch of bale net wrap.