What to feed a flock during a drought

Wednesday , 22.11.2023

During the grazing season, in case of drought, feed prices always rise sharply. In addition, often the farmer is not able to buy good quality hay at all during such periods. That is why it is important to plan a feeding program not only for the winter period, when grazing is not possible, but also taking into account possible drought. Then your flock will survive this difficult period without losses.

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Bale net wrap Colorful World Net Wrap by Polypak

Friday , 03.11.2023

Colorful World Net Wrap — one of the bale net wraps we continually produce. Suitable for packaging various feed stuff: hay, straw, haylage, as well as for packaging silage with subsequent film wrapping.
Packing occurs using a baler from edge to edge. Suitable for almost all of the world’s most popular equipment models. The result is well-packed, dense bales of feed stuff that are easy to transport, store and portion feed stuff to your herd.

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Happy International Farmer’s Day

Wednesday , 11.10.2023

HappyInternational Farmer’s Day Happy International Farmer’s Day to everyone who works in this field! We wish you generous harvests and lambings, successful weather conditions, excellent financial results and incomes higher than expected! May your every day be filled not only with work, but also with pleasure and happiness with your loved ones. We wish you […]

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What equipment to choose when baling corn stover

Saturday , 30.09.2023

Baling corn stover is a dirty task and requires some equipment. There are several factors to consider when choosing what you need, durability being key. We will look at everything in more detail in this article.

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Wet hay packaging: HOW?

Monday , 28.08.2023

The weather is not always conducive to collecting feed stuff for the winter. But the value of herbs decreases when they become too mature. In this case, the count goes to the days. The technology of packaging feed stuff in stretch film can help out, since there is no need to wait several days for drying, you can pack herbs with a moisture content of up to 55 %.

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Why is there a torn cut at the bale net wrap?

Tuesday , 15.08.2023

Your baler is in excellent condition, inside is a roll of quality bale netting, and the hay you bale is perfect, not too wet, but not completely dry. What can go wrong? But then an alarm goes off inside the cabin, because the net is still tangled around the bale, although it should have been cut long ago.

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Bale size and baler selection

Thursday , 27.07.2023

It is necessary to look not only at the price and capacity of the equipment, but also take into account the needs of the farm or enterprise with the equipment already available. In addition, an important factor is the desired size and type of bales, which will be most convenient for staff, take into account the number of livestock and the specifics of the formation of the diet for animals on the farm.

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