Part 3:Fixing 10 common problems when wrapping bales with hay netting

We continue to deal with possible problems when wrapping a bale with a hay net, as well as how to fix it quickly.

5. The net gets tangled and stays inside the roll

This can become a problem for the farmer, but it is solved quite simply.

If the baler is not cutting the bale net correctly and causing ropes to hang from it, then:
• Replace or sharpen knives. Most likely they are rusted or dull.
• Adjust the brake and feed rollers to ensure correct and sufficient tension during the cutting phase. An adjustment bar will help in that.

• Check if the rollers inside the baler chamber are cutting the net. Adjust and clean them.

6.The net breaks right during the bale wrapping process

The only reason for this is improper fixation of the cutting blades. Therefore, you can quickly and easily fix this problem by adjusting the cutting blades.

7. The net hangs too loose on the bale

The problem is in the wrong adjustment of the net tension. It can be either too high or too low. It may be corrected by adjusting the bale net tension.

8. The bale is damaged during the ejection from the baler

To fix this:
• Check if your rear baler chamber door lowers too quickly after ejecting the bale. It may not open wide enough. It needs to be adjusted.
• It is important for the baler to be at the right angle to the tractor, only horizontal.
• Check the bale ejection speed according to the instruction manual for your baler model
• Make enough turns around the bale according to the net manufacturer’s recommendations, depending on the crop being packed. For more difficult feed, such as straw or corn stalks, use more netting. Check out the tips for wrapping bales with netting in this article.

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