Part 2:Fixing 10 common problems when wrapping bales with hay netting

We continue to figure out what other reasons could be that the bale net wrapping is not of sufficient quality.

3. A sloppy formed bale or excessive pressure in it can lead to rupture of the package

We wrote about how some bales can break if you don’t use enough net to bale for a particular crop. Please don’t skimp on the net if you are packing straw. In addition, the reasons may be:
• Uneven filling of the bale chamber on one side. To avoid this, drive the baler more slowly and sometimes zigzag if the swath is narrow. This is especially important at the last stage of baling.
• Not enough hay or straw in the central part of the chamber. Then the net-wrapped bales turn out to be in the shape of an hourglass with a “dip” in the middle. In this case, the net may have insufficient tension and “spread” towards the edges. Correct driving behavior of the baler while the bale chamber is filling also helps to correct this problem.

A round but irregularly shaped bale is also usually the result of poor driving technique while collecting forage in the bale chamber. Slopes and excessive zigzag movement should be avoided. For wide swath, the following driving technique can be used: first drive 30 meters along one edge, then turn around 180 degrees and drive straight along the second edge for another 30 meters.

4. The net is not cut properly

There are only two main reasons for this problem:

• Dull or rusty knives. Corrected by replacement or sharpening.
• Insufficient tension on the hay net when cutting. You can fix it by adjusting the brake and feed rollers using a special adjusting bar.

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