Part 4:Fixing 10 common problems when wrapping bales with hay netting

We continue to deal with possible problems when wrapping a bale with a hay net, as well as how to fix it quickly. The last possible causes of poor quality bale wrapping, sometimes are not related to the baler.

9. The net breaks for unknown reasons that are not related to those, already mentioned above

If the baler is in good condition and there are no problems with the guide rollers or knives, then you need to check the correctness of the settings. For example, reconfigure the pressing pressure, net tension, number of turns.

It’s important to do:
• Before the start of the active phase of the selection, after idle time outside the season;
• When changing to another type of material to be picked up, eg from hay to straw or vice versa. Earlier we wrote why straw needs more turns of packaging material. The number of turns of the net for specific conditions must always be sufficient and correspond to the pressure inside the bale;
• If the bale diameter, bale pressure or net tension have been changed on balers with a variable chamber. These parameters are interrelated, you need to check in practice the result and correctness after changing one of them, and not rely solely on the data from the displays.

10. Everything is fine with the baler and its settings, but the net still wraps the bale improperly

The reasons for ruptures and poor-quality packaging of a bale with a hay net can really be problems with the packaging material if:
• The net is of poor quality, a specific roll or batch may be defective. This hypothesis can be tested and verified using a different packaging material without changing the settings if they are identical in terms of technical characteristics;
• The net has not been properly stored and has been exposed to substances that could damage it: pesticides, sulfate, chlorine, copper, aluminum, herbicides, acid rain, large amounts of exhaust fumes, fuel. All this negatively affects the resistance of the material to ultraviolet radiation, and in some cases can lead to a decrease in tensile strength;

We hope this article will help you avoid problems during forage harvesting, as well as securely pack them in our hay netting. If you have any questions about products, please contact our managers in any convenient way.

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