Make moneyby recycling used packaging from your farm

Plastic recycling is an issue that concerns not only farmers. It is relevant in all areas of consumption. But it is in agriculture that the weight of plastic waste amounts to tons, because almost all packaging materials for feedstuff are made of polyethylene.

Preparing bale net wraps, agrostretch and silage stretch film for recycling

One of the challenges of disposing of used packaging materials on the farm is the lack of storage space. After all, such garbage itself is quite voluminous, unless it is somehow specially compacted. In addition, plastic wrap is potentially dangerous for animals.

An option to solve the storage problem can be a simple wooden compactor, where you can press packaging stretch film or a bale net wrap. Then it can be used to deliver everything to a processing point that accepts this type of raw material.

Before storing and pressing plastic packaging, it must be cleaned.

Used plastic packaging is a commodity

Plastic is plastic. And used plastic from the farm can be sold just like other recyclables. So if you’re up for it, treat your task like a business.

Plastic waste is a commodity that will be sold. In the future they will be used to create some new product. It is therefore important to thoroughly clean bale net wraps and stretch films before recycling. After all, we are no longer talking about garbage, now it is a product that has its own characteristics. And cleanliness is one of them.

Most often, drainage tiles are subsequently made from agricultural plastic. But first, be sure to check that pollutants do not leak from it into the soil.

Attention! Please check whether the recycling point accepts agricultural plastic waste before you bring in your plastic waste from the farm.