Your perfectbale net wrap

Polpack has been producing bale net wraps for over 20 years. We have gained tremendous experience over the years, which we are rightfully proud of. We started as a small family company, where each person understood why he worked and what exactly our main client, the farmer, needed.

Among our values ​​to this day is the provision of a quality product that will cover the needs of users with the bale net wrap. That is why our research and product improvement never stops, and quality control is one of the most important stages in production.

We listen to our customers and work to make them happy. This is precisely what the work of more than 250 employees of the Polypak company is aimed at – from the head of the company, Mark Chen, to any worker in production or warehouse. We are committed to providing high quality bale net wraps and superior service, because it doesn’t end with the production of a single product. That is why we are ready to give our customers more than other manufacturers.

Polypack production facilities allow us to create a variety of bale net wraps:

· wide and narrow;
· with UV-protection and without UV-protection;
· with handles and without handles;
· any colors;
· different tensile strength;
· different density;
· with a given thread thickness;
· special thread composition.

Because we have 12 engaged in R&D, we are able to develop personalized bale net wrap thread composition and customize our production equipment accordingly for their production. We also offer to brand these products for you or develop a joint packaging with a mention of our and your brand. As we have already said, we work in such a way that our customer is satisfied, but at the same time we closely monitor the quality of products. The bale net wrap must be of high quality and perform all the functions assigned to it, that is, to tie the feed stuff and protect it during storage.

Contact our managers if you want to discuss the production of a personal batch of bale net wraps. We will be happy to discuss cooperation, no matter in which country your company is located. Polypak successfully sells bale net wraps to Europe, Asia, Eurasia, North America, South America and Australia.