Mini Bale Net Wraps from Polypak


Mini bale net wraps

These bale nets are as firm as our other products. You can use them for hay, straw, and haylage wrapping into the small bale. Feedstuff will be safely protected and firmly shaped into the round bale.

Size is only one difference between bale net wraps. They are really not wide. Choose the product which is necessary for you across the width of 200 mm, 300 mm, 750 mm, and 800 mm.

From 270 to 310 kfg.



UV-stabilized for min 12 months outdoor

Quality Control

Each roll is also double-checked manually

Easy loading/ unloading

UV-stabilized for min 12 months outdoor

Excellent performance

Our bale net wrap is up till the edges

Roll end warning

Visible sign to prepare yourself

In different colors

Choose the color you like

Parameters Mini Bale Net Wrap

User reviews


We buy nets from this manufacturer twice a year for the entire farm. It is more convenient for us that there are not many leftovers. There were never any problems with delivery. We have been ordering for 3 years already. The best choice!

Peter G.

We have been using the net for 4 seasons. We are satisfied. It is good at work and there are no problems, it holds perfectly. Press Krone.

Jack B.

After the purchase, the Krone press used the original net from the manufacturer, when the guarantee finished we began to look for a cheaper alternative. It turned out to use not expensive net, but we had to twist more than the original one, it did not hold. In the process of searching, we tried this and it suited us.

Steven J.

I was advised to knit bales of netting by friends. They have been using it for a long time and have tried a lot. I've only used twine before. These are the first nets I've tried. Everything is in order, at first I ordered only 10 pieces. I like that it has become much faster to bale.

Michael K.

We do not use the net by ourselves, but we trade it successfully. We usually order at a good wholesale price already in December, in February everything is in our warehouse, because since the beginning of March there is already a demand.

Julian M.

We have storage in these nets sometimes for 2 years. All in all, everything is in order, although the manufacturer declares 12 months. We store it in the field and under cover. It is better to store hay under a cover, and straw can be left on the litter without problems and in the field.


Polypak nets are great for our Coon. We have been using it for a long time. Conveniently, there is a warning about the end of the roll. It turns out to pack about 300 rolls per day.

Max S.

This is not the only company whose net we have sold over the years in the market. But it has definitely become one of the most requested by our customers, although there are cheaper variants on sale. With this net, the farmers say that they have no problems during work and storage.

Daniel D.

About Polypak

producing bale net
wrap for 25 years

exporting to EU, USA, Canada and Australia

both automatic and manual quality control

500.000 rolls of net wrap sold per year

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