Efficient harvesting and storage of grain haylage in the net for bales

Efficient harvesting and storage of grain haylage in the net for bales The productivity and health of livestock are directly dependent on the received nutrition. Therefore, it is important to prepare quality and nutritional feeds in time for winter, which will contain the maximum of useful substances. Storing of feed Various technologies are used to […]

3 reasons to use net in harvesting succulent feeds

3 reasons to use net in harvesting succulent feeds Legume grass (clover, alfalfa, esparcete and others) contain a high amount of protein, but maintaining their feed value in the case of long-term storage is quite problematic. While drying to the required humidity, many nutrients are lost on the hay, and in the case of ensiling […]

Why Bales Break

Even farmers who are just beginning to harvest feed know that there is a big difference between harvesting grass and grain. But often when moving to the baling process, this is still not taken into account.

The largest bale net wraps plant with unique quality control

The largest bale net wraps plantwith unique quality control Since 1997, our company has been successfully producing bale net wraps, which are exported to many countries around the world. Thanks to stable quality, the demand for our grid is ahead of our production capabilities. Therefore, we launched our most important project — the construction of […]

Tractor balers: comparison of popular models

Tractor balers:comparison of popular models Good packaging must be provided to produce quality feed. This guarantees long-term preservation of products and minimization of losses durning transportation. In this case, the type of packaging material is decisive. It also affects the technique used. Choosing the material: how many bales per roll net wrap and twine The […]

When to cut your Hay

When to cut your hay Feed is an essential ingredient for animal growth and health. Theregore, its preparation must be approached with special responsibility. In particular, the nutritional value of you hay will depend on how well you prepare it. Violation of technological process can not only deprive the feed of useful properties but also […]