Why net is more profitable than twine

Why net ismore profitable than twine The price of a roll of wrapping material is not an indication of the wrapping cost of one bale. In addition, the metres indicated on the packaging of some manufacturers does not always match the stated one. But you can be sure that the price corresponds to Polypak package, […]

How to protect net-wrapped bales

How to protect net-wrapped bales Hay or straw is baled by balers that form curved or rectangular bales of different sizes. Net or twine that conforms to the recommendations of the baler manufacturer is used to keep the baled crop in place. Polypak net is suitable for all types of popular balers. The bales can […]

5 types of savings with Polypak haymaking netting

5 types of savings with Polypak Forage cultivation begins in spring and continues almost until the end of autumn. Farmers have a lot of work at this time. To speed it up, various equipment and auxiliary materials are used. For fodder harvesting, balers together with a haymaking net are excellent. They speed up the harvesting […]

Technology of haylage harvesting in packages: 4 methods of green mass selection

4 methodsof green mass selection According to the technology of haylage harvesting in a package, the grass should be properly wilted and well compacted for storage or mowed in a certain period to maintain the correct moisture content. In order for the feed to retain maximum nutrients, the time from mowing to storage should be […]