Wet hay packaging: HOW?

Monday , 28.08.2023

The weather is not always conducive to collecting feed stuff for the winter. But the value of herbs decreases when they become too mature. In this case, the count goes to the days. The technology of packaging feed stuff in stretch film can help out, since there is no need to wait several days for drying, you can pack herbs with a moisture content of up to 55 %.

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Why is there a torn cut at the bale net wrap?

Tuesday , 15.08.2023

Your baler is in excellent condition, inside is a roll of quality bale netting, and the hay you bale is perfect, not too wet, but not completely dry. What can go wrong? But then an alarm goes off inside the cabin, because the net is still tangled around the bale, although it should have been cut long ago.

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Bale size and baler selection

Thursday , 27.07.2023

It is necessary to look not only at the price and capacity of the equipment, but also take into account the needs of the farm or enterprise with the equipment already available. In addition, an important factor is the desired size and type of bales, which will be most convenient for staff, take into account the number of livestock and the specifics of the formation of the diet for animals on the farm.

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How to pack more feed stuff for the same money and time

Friday , 30.06.2023

How to pack more bale net wraps without spending more time and money on packaging? Use precut systems. Despite the increase in the initial investment for the purchase of equipment, it pays off in the long run. Why and how exactly, read further in the article.

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How to get the most out of the baler

Wednesday , 17.05.2023

Two main types of balers are currently produced and used worldwide. The designs of their rotors are the same. The fundamental difference between the two is how the bale turns and rotates in the drum as it is being wrapped.

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Corn baling

Wednesday , 03.05.2023

In the modern world, corn is the most important and highly productive plant. It produces more organic matter in a short time than other crops. It is grown for grain and silage on a huge scale. Over the past 5 years, the gross harvest and consumption around the world has consistently been more than 1 million thousand tons.

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Polypak sends bale net wraps around the world

Friday , 14.04.2023

We usually send goods for the new packing farming season in December-January. But this year there were so many orders and additional orders that we finished with shipments of the main large lots only at the beginning of March.

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