How to store hay with minimal wastage

Saturday , 03.12.2022

Hay and straw contain a small amount of energy, but high fiber content is important, which stimulates the process of digestion and chewing. How to store hay with minimal wastage?

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Your branded bale net wrap

Wednesday , 09.11.2022

Own well-known brand is one of the tools that allows companies to gain a foothold in the market. That is why we, as manufacturers of bale net wrap, provide our customers with such an additional option as product branding.

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Your perfect bale net wrap

Wednesday , 26.10.2022

Your perfectbale net wrap Polpack has been producing bale net wraps for over 20 years. We have gained tremendous experience over the years, which we are rightfully proud of. We started as a small family company, where each person understood why he worked and what exactly our main client, the farmer, needed. Among our values […]

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Why net wrapped bales can be left in the field

Monday , 10.10.2022

One of the popular technologies for storing hay and straw, as well as haylage, is packaging in hay bales.
Tight tamping with a baler and subsequent net wrapping preserves the feed stuff better by removing air. It is much more reliable than twine.

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Why do farmers choose the bale net wrap more often than agrostretch?

Saturday , 17.09.2022

How to choosea high-quality bale net wrap Various innovative solutions optimize packaging processes for maximum benefit for farmers. Agrostretch stretch film and bale net wrapping are one of the most popular packaging materials in the world today. What is used most often and what is best to use? Agrostretch – stretch film for haylage One […]

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Why is Polypak’s bale net wrap becoming more and more popular?

Friday , 02.09.2022

Every year we are producing and selling more Polypak’s bale net wrap because this wrapping material is becoming more and more popular with farmers. The bale net wrap and the baler significantly accelerate the process of forage conservation and cut down charges in the storage and also reduce the number of harmful waste materials. About the main reasons for the popularity of Polypak’s bale net wrap read in this article

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Polypak uses solar energy

Monday , 22.08.2022

Polipak cares about the planet and strives to minimize the negative impact of production on the environment. That is why we installed solar panels on the roof right at the start of the new factory. Solar energy today is the most profitable and environmentally friendly way to obtain electricity, which is necessary for our production and the life of all areas of the factory, including residential and office.

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How to choose a high-quality bale net wrap

Sunday , 07.08.2022

We have already written that the bale net is more and more popular with farming. If the product demand is rising, the number of supplies is also rising. More and more companies are beginning to produce the bale net, but not all offers are best known for their really high quality. Some of the manufacturers save on raw materials in order to cut down the price; somebody doesn’t have a really good formula, experience, or equipment for manufacture. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the choice of manufacture of the bale net wrap.

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