What is the quality of the feedstuff you use for feeding?

Wednesday , 26.06.2024

Good nutrition is important for all living organisms. Animals need 10 to 14 % crude protein and all the energy they can get from feedstuff to be healthy. Pregnant cows require more to gestate, give birth and subsequently nurse healthy calves, meaning they benefit from higher quality feedstuff. And in cold weather outdoors, livestock need 10-15 % more energy than in the summer. This is why many farmers save the best feedstuff for January and February.

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Baler Maintenance: your success in the field

Wednesday , 12.06.2024

When haymaking is already in full swing, it is too late for most farmers to carry out full maintenance of equipment. This is best left for the off-season. However, there are some things that can be done during this time.

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6 tips for farmers making silage

Saturday , 25.05.2024

Silage is a more energetically valuable feed for ruminants compared to hay. However, it is also more susceptible to spoilage, so its preparation, storage and feeding require more care and slightly different technologies.

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Bioplastic for feedstuff packaging

Friday , 10.05.2024

Since the problem of recycling plastic waste is quite pressing for farmers, for several years now there has been another direction to solve it: the development of biodegradable packaging for feedstuff or bioplastics.

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Protect your feedstuff: 4 factors farmers need to consider

Monday , 29.04.2024

Protect your feedstuff: 4 factors farmers need to consider Feedstuff is a big expense on a farm. The growth in the herd, the quality and quantity of milk production, the increase in meat and simply the health and condition of the animals directly depend on their quality and balance. That is why they are given […]

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Make money by recycling used packaging from your farm

Sunday , 07.04.2024

Plastic recycling is an issue that concerns not only farmers. It is relevant in all areas of consumption. But it is in agriculture that the weight of plastic waste amounts to tons, because almost all packaging materials for feedstuff are made of polyethylene.

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Happy Easter!

Friday , 29.03.2024

Happy Easter! We congratulate you and wish you a Happy Easter! We wish you happiness, confidence in a secure future, success in your future endeavors and, of course, health to you and the ones you love. Have this holiday in the circle of loved ones and give you a piece of something warm and infinitely […]

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Extra Force Net Wrap: reliable packaging for feedstuff from Polypak

Friday , 09.02.2024

In modern agriculture, efficiency and harvest safety are key aspects for livestock growth and profit. Therefore, proper packaging plays an important role. One of the world leaders in the field of bale net wraps is our company Polypak. Our innovative Extra Force Net Wrap is perfect for wrapping a wide variety of crops. Below in the article we will look at the key characteristics and advantages of this bale net wrap.

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