Inoculanta means to compensate for rising feedstuff prices

The better the quality of feedstuff, the higher the profit for the farmer. This becomes especially noticeable after rainy and dry seasons, when it was necessary to spend a lot on purchasing feedstuff. And in conditions of constant rising prices for everything and inflation, it is even more necessary to take a reasonable approach to optimizing expenses.

Growing and packaging feedstuff yourself on a farm is the key to good price and quality. And making small changes to the grass silage production process can lead to significant improvements in quality, leading to economic benefits.

Keep your silage clean

In another article, we already wrote that it is extremely important to monitor the cleanliness of the grass during the collection of silage at the entire stage of transportation – from the field to the bunker. Of course, it is also important to subsequently carefully deliver the finished silage clean to the animal’s feeder. But this article is more about the preparation of the feedstuff.

Add inoculants

Inoculants or starters ensure efficient fermentation of silage and also reduce the chance of unwanted microbial growth. This way the silage will be clean, high in energy value and rich in nutrients.

Thus, it is obvious that adding just 1 ingredient at the stage of packaging and preparing feedstuff can lead to a significant increase in profits in the form of increased milk yield or meat gain. It also reduces the farmer’s dependence on purchasing expensive feedstuff.

Attention! The addition of inoculant does not in any way affect the need to observe other important aspects of making grass silage. To obtain the highest quality forage, maintain optimal mowing times, use best practices during harvesting and baling, and minimize the time between mowing and packaging. When using inoculants, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pack correctly

Not all farms have suitable concreted areas or trenches for silage pits. In such cases, nutritious and valuable silage can be prepared using beleage technology. In short, in this case, the grass is first packaged in a bale net wrap, and then in agrostretch film. This method of preserving feedstuff has many advantages:

  • shorter fermentation period;
  • small quantity in one bale;
  • the ability to package different herbs separately.

Read more about beleage in this article. If you need a reliable bale net wraps, contact our managers.