How you canimprove your late harvest feed stuff

Some seasons are rainy, so farmers do not have time to harvest hay due to weather conditions. Most often this is an autumn problem. Heavy and frequent rainfall, as well as delays in harvesting, result in feed stuff being damaged and of lower quality than farmers would like.

Baler improvements for easier mowing

Would you like to maximize the amount of feed stuff collected while reducing the load on your haying equipment? This is really not a joke or science fiction, but possible! But then, to collect and pack hay into bales, you need to upgrade your accessories and equipment a little.

An important factor for proper mowing is humidity within acceptable limits. A humidity sensor, which is installed on the baler, can help to check this. Time saved means money saved. And improving the quality of packaged feed stuff through adherence to technology.

Steering and guidance systems help increase the efficiency of the cutting process. They can be installed even on older models of balers. They help increase operator comfort and efficiency during the cutting process.Firstly, they reduce fatigue. Secondly, they significantly facilitate and speed up the work of less qualified operators.

Attention! When purchasing additional equipment for older models of balers, be sure to consult with certified specialists. They will help you choose the right steering and guidance systems for your specific equipment.

The addition of precision steering and guidance technology will not only benefit this season, but all seasons to come. It maximizes work efficiency, reduces time costs, and therefore costs on gasoline and labor.

How to get the perfect bale

How else can you improve your late harvest feed stuff? There are several options for this that do not involve purchasing additional equipment for the baler:

  • Use a hay preservative. It will increase the nutrient content and also extend the storage period.

  • Sharpen or replace baler cutting parts. Thanks to a clean cut, the hay dries more correctly. In addition, careful cutting of the rolls ensures better and denser compaction.
  • Replace baler belts. This will give you a uniform, high-density bale.
  • Pack in high quality Polypak bale net wrap. Your hay will be reliably protected, maintaining high nutritional value for a long time, even just in the field.