Results of Agritechnica-2023

In agriculture, choosing the right bale net wrap plays a key role in maintaining the quality, nutritional value and safety of feedstuff. Polypak Agri Net Wrap provides secure packaging for a variety of feedstuff types such as straw, hay, haylage, silage and corn. Their high strength provides reliable protection of the contents of the bales from external influences.

One of the important properties of Polypak bale net wraps is their resistance to ultraviolet rays. This provides protection from prolonged exposure to sunlight and prevents the material from deteriorating. Thanks to this, the nets retain their strength for at least 12 months, ensuring long-term storage of feedstuff.

Polypak Agri Net Wrap has increased strength with elongation levels ranging from 18 % to 25 %. This ensures reliable fixation of the bales and prevents possible damage during transportation and storage. This also allows you to stack finished bales to reduce their storage area. You can read more about this here.

Polypak Agri Net Wrap is available in a variety of sizes including width (123 cm, 125 cm, 130 cm, 170 cm), length (2140 m, 2445 m, 2750 m, 3600 m) and diameter (24 cm, 25 cm, 26 cm, 27 cm, 30 cm). This allows you to choose the best option depending on the needs of a particular farm. If you need any special size, we can also make it to order.

The signal line on the bale net wrap warns about the imminent end of the roll 75 meters away. This allows you to quickly prepare for replacing the packaging material inside the baler.

Polypak bale net wraps are made from high quality polypropylene, ensuring the strength and durability of the material. Multi-level production quality control guarantees compliance with high standards, and the unique ECO-friendly formula emphasizes the brand’s environmental responsibility. The material is recyclable, meeting modern requirements for sustainable resource use and waste management.

Our factory offers the service of branding rolls to order and the production of bale net wraps to individual technical specifications. You can discuss this with our manager when you request a batch cost estimate.