Bale net wrap Colorful World Net Wrap by Polypak

Colorful World Net Wrap — one of the bale net wraps we continually produce. Suitable for packaging various feed stuff: hay, straw, haylage, as well as for packaging silage with subsequent film wrapping.

Packing occurs using a baler from edge to edge. Suitable for almost all of the world’s most popular equipment models. The result is well-packed, dense bales of feed stuff that are easy to transport, store and portion feed stuff to your herd.

Be sure to consider the condition and type of your feed stuff when choosing the number of turns around the bale. The reliability of the packaging directly depends on this. The tensile strength of the Colorful World Net Wrap is 270 kg, so, for example, 2-3 turns are enough to wrap hay, but for straw it is better to set 4-5 turns.

The fact that the bale net wrap needs to be replaced in the baler drum will be announced by a special signal line, which is present in the last meters of the package. Replacing a roll of a bale net wrap will not require much operator time, so the harvesting day will be as efficient as possible.

Colorful World Net Wrap contains components that protect packaged feed stuff from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Thus, bales can be left even just in the field. It is advisable to properly arrange the site. We wrote about this here. Once fed, the feed stuff will be stored for up to 1 year with virtually no loss.

Farm mesh Colorful World Net Wrap from Polypak fully complies with the stated characteristics, because we adhere to multi-level quality control at every stage of production.

In our company, we not only carefully monitor quality, but also carry out our own research that improves the composition and characteristics of our products. One of the latest know-how is the ability to use 15 % less plastic for production without compromising technical characteristics. This saves our planet’s resources. In addition, all net bale wraps by Polypak are recyclable.

You can order from us directly as the manufacturer a batch of bale net wraps especially for you with branding in the colors of your company or any others. And also with printing of the logo, name and other important marketing information on the packaging. To discuss all these details, please contact our sales managers.