Why is therea torn cut at the bale net wrap?

Your baler is in excellent condition, inside is a roll of quality bale netting, and the hay you bale is perfect, not too wet, but not completely dry. What can go wrong? But then an alarm goes off inside the cabin, because the net is still tangled around the bale, although it should have been cut long ago.

What could have gone wrong?

The first is, of course, knives. Typically, net knives need to be sharpened every 4,000 bales. However, this may vary depending on what the baler is compressing.

Second step is to check the net tension. You can check this quite simply – visually. The tension may be insufficient across the entire width of the net or on one side only. Because of this, a torn cut often occurs, which leaves long broken threads. Subsequently, these threads can wind up on the belt rollers, net feed rollers or get caught in chains and rollers. You can fix this by using the user manual. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is important that after the debugging procedure, the bale net wrap does not become too tight, as this may cause the net to not overslice. But at the same time, the actuators and motors will stop.

Third, check the voltage and power supplied to the baler. If the level is insufficient, the cycle may not be completed. The best option is when the power comes directly from the battery to the baler harness connector.

Attention! If you are using a non-factory power harness, then be sure to protect the circuit with a fuse or circuit breaker of at least 30 amps.

Fourth — calibrate if the first three points are not your problem. Perhaps a ragged cut at the bale net wrap due to the fact that the system does not receive correct information for each stage of the wrapping. Calibration is recommended before the start of each season. Use the operating instructions for this.

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