Proper disposal of bale netting is the key to animal health and a clean environment

The bale net wrap is made from HDPE plastic. This means that it cannot simply be burned when it is no longer needed. Burning plastic releases toxic gasses and particulate matter into the atmosphere that are harmful to health and the environment.

Polypak has improved its formula. The content of environmentally harmful plastic in farmers bale net has been reduced. But it is still a product made of plastic, which must be disposed of in a special way, and not burned or buried on your own site.

We want to remind you that it is important to correctly and completely remove the net from the bale. Because when plastic is swallowed by animals, it can lead to their death. This is also one of the reasons why you can’t just throw away the used bale net wrap somewhere outside your farm: other animals can swallow it or get hurt. It is also possible for animals to suffocate if the bale net wraps around their heads or necks.

Attention! Never dispose of bale net wrapping in ditches or just outside the farm.

Bale net recycling 

The farmers net wrap does not decompose on its own. This is logical, since its first and main function is to retain food stuff for several months or even up to 2 years.

Any farmer or a person familiar with the topic of waste management understands that bale netting is an extremely difficult product to process. Because in addition to the plastic itself, there is a lot of soil and stones that are almost impossible to separate. That is why many countries do not have programs to recycle agricultural plastics.

Why you can’t just throw away the bale net wrap

Disposing of the farmers net wrap outside or on the farm can result in more than death or injury to the animals. Other problems are also possible:

  • soil pollution;
  • blocking the flow of water;
  • delay and accumulation of garbage;
  • breeding of mosquitoes or rodents inside the garbage.

What a farmer should do with a bale net wrap

What to do with the used bale net wrap after removal? So far, we have only said that it cannot be simply thrown away or evaluated.

One possible use for bale netting for growers is to accurately  collect it for disposal.

Then there are only two options:

  1. Sending for recycling to an agricultural plastic recycling center. In this case, it is possible to reuse recycled plastic, which is the most rational option.
  2. Disposal through a household waste collection service. In this case, the bale net with the remains of soil and stones will be buried in a special way. This will help reduce environmental damage and animal injury or death.

As mentioned above, for most countries, only the second disposal option is available – through a household waste collection service. However, every year the number of enterprises processing various types of waste is growing. Therefore, the farmer should keep abreast of these news of his country.

Important! Please  stack сarefully bale net wrap waste and fix it during collection and transport for disposal. This is your individual responsibility to society and the planet.

Biodegradable feed stuff packaging

We want to caution you about the biodegradable packaging materials that have hit the market. On the one hand, this is a great step into the future, which can really change a lot. But on the other hand, these packaging materials are just as dangerous for animals as ordinary ones.

Biodegradable packaging materials can cause suffocation or injury to animals. It can also lead to death if ingested and accumulated in the body. Because the first and main condition for biodegradation is the presence of UV rays, which are not present in the digestive system of animals.

Whether to buy expensive biodegradable bale net wraps from other bale net wrap manufacturers or the classic Polypak bale net is a personal choice for everyone. We remind you that we have been producing this high-quality and easy-to-use material since 1997. If you need a bale net wrap at the best price directly from the manufacturer, please contact us.

Great news! Very soon we will introduce a new eco-biodegradable bale net wrap by Polypak. Follow our news. Our labs are already working on the perfect formula that combines the strength of a classic stretch film with biodegradability.