HappyInternational Women's Day

Dear partners, colleagues, and customers! On behalf of the entire male team of our company, we heartily congratulate you on International Women’s Day with pleasure. Let this and other days will be sunshine, happy, and lucky for you!

We value the contribution of every woman. We sincerely applaud all women, who have chosen agriculture as their field of work, namely agronomists and farmers, vets and animal technicians, accountants, and financiers,  managers, and lawyers, professors of specialized universities, and experts working as regulatory and administrative agencies who supervise this sphere.  Women who work in sectors of crop and animal farming are enthusiasts and with their whole hearts are dedicated to their work, and they do their best to make their region richer and fruity.

We are blessed by your professionalism, ambition, leadership, and creativity. We are grateful and congratulate everyone on this wonderful holiday. Be brave, happy, and cheerful! Let your plans come to pass. Keep up the good work!