First 100,000 rolls of bale net wrap are produced at the new Polypak factory

Each company has its own significant dates and events. For more than 20 years of work, our company Polypak has also had many turning and significant events. There are a few of them this year:

· Start of production of a more environmentally friendly net bale wrap;

· Improvement of the bale net wrap formula, which allowed to increase its strength, but reduce the use of plastic;

· Completion of the building of a new large factory complex;

· Production of the first 100,000 rolls of the stretch film in the new factory.

We are grateful to every employee of the company for making all this possible. The last months of work have been busy and active for all of us, but we have done it, we launched a production complex of 40,000 square meters and produced over 100,000 rolls there. This is something we can rightfully be proud of.

The manufactured products will be sent to North America, England and several countries in Europe. Millions of bales of hay, straw, silage and feed stuff by-products will be wrapped next season with our net bale wraps.

The Polypak bale net wrap not only helps to pack into convenient round bales, but also protects the packaged feed from UV and other negative environmental factors that could adversely affect quality. Thanks to our products, the number of healthy livestock around the world is growing, and people have quality food.

Packing in the net bale wraps takes less time than in twine. We explained in more detail in this article why most farmers choose hay netting in recent years. This is part of the reason why Polypak’s sales and production have grown so much over the past 10 years.

Contact us if you are interested in cooperation. We can make a branded stretch film for you with your logo, and send a test roll of the net bale wrap for quality control after a preliminary meeting on Zoom or Skype.