When to buya bale net wrap for a hay baler

Feed stuff packaging is an important procurement step for any farm.

The nutritional value of the product is highly dependent on the correct choice of packaging material and compliance with packaging rules. Many farms use a bale net wrap for at least some of the hay and straw because it is a convenient and efficient way to pack.


Bale net wraps are usually bought by farmers from May to September.

In the spring they buy bale net wraps for hay, as they begin to mow the grass at the end of April. During the season they mow 3-4 times with an interval of 3 weeks.With each mowing, the harvest is less than the previous one.To improve the quality of the harvest, it is necessary to cut it on time. You can read more about quality haymaking in this article.

Since July, those who pick up straw (for feed, bedding, heating, fuel production, etc.) start buying haylage netting.

If the weather is not very rainy, the straw can lie in the field for a long time, often it is collected after the end of the grain harvest.

Farmers usually buy the last rolls of bale net wrap in September, and in some regions in October. In the event that they incorrectly calculated the needs for packaging materials for their farm, but something else needs to be packed. To prevent this it is recommended to buy 1-2 rolls more. As you can store the bale net wrap in a dry place without direct sunlight until the next season.


Negotiations on an order between a dealer and a manufacturer can take several months: discussion of the terms of reference, terms of delivery, terms and other nuances, such as branding.

But directly the “season” for the purchase of nets for bales is from November to December. Some companies buy a little earlier, other distributors may order one or more more containers closer to the summer, if for some reason the demand for the product turns out to be higher than originally planned.

You should understand when the distributor makes the purchase of goods, he doesn’t buy dozens of bale net wraps he buys at least one pallet or some pallets of goods. As an experienced manufacturer, we understand that new prospective clients have doubts about the quality of goods because we are talking about large purchases with a large amount of check. That’s why we send our product sample for testing on request. You can order to any country, we work for farmers, distributors all around the world. After testing, when the doubts about quality have been removed, we can only discuss the details of the deal: from lot size and its technical characteristics to branding and price.

Are you interested in cooperation? Contact us if you are a distributor of farm products and would like to expand your range. You can discuss cooperation with our manager or even with the company’s CEO, Mark Chen.

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