Why netwrapped bales can be left in the field

In autumn and spring, and in other regions also in summer, farmers can be especially worried about their animal feed due to excessive rainfall. Snowfall can also be detrimental to hay, haylage or straw. But it can be too expensive or not profitable to build special silos for the farm.Then technologists and manufacturers look for the best options for packaging at once or combine several technologies.

One of the popular technologies for storing hay and straw, as well as haylage, is packaging in hay bales. Tight tamping with a baler and subsequent net wrapping preserves the feed stuff better by removing air. It is much more reliable than twine, which you can read about here.

Tight but breathable mesh material on top of most of the bale protects against rain: drops flow down along the lines and water does not get into the deep layers of the bale. Indeed, compared to twine, the bale net wrap has much more longitudinal threads that are not inferior in strength. There are also transverse threads that connect the longitudinal ones and make the bale binding even more reliable.

The Polypak bale net wrap contains UV protection, so the mesh also protects food from its negative effects. This is especially true in the summer.

Some farmers use additional special low-cost netted bale shelter options in the field to further protect their feed stuff. You can read more about this in this article. Net-wrapped bales are easy to transport to the farm when needed. They are also easy to remove packaging (read about it here).

We manufacture and sell more and more bale nets. In 2021, over 500,000 rolls were shipped from the Polypak plant. And in 2022, we will further increase our production capacity. All this is a consequence of the high demand for bale net wraps, a universal strapping material that outperforms not only twine, but also agrostretch film in many respects.

You can get acquainted with the standard products of Polypak in the Catalog. You can also order bale net wrap personally for your company with special specifications, sizes or colors. Contact us to discuss cooperation.