Why is Polypak's bale net wrap becoming more and more popular?

Every year we are producing and selling more Polypak’s bale net wrap because this wrapping material is becoming more and more popular with farmers. The bale net wrap and the baler significantly accelerate the process of forage conservation and cut down charges in the storage and also reduce the number of harmful waste materials. With the help of the new formula for bale net wrap, we have decreased plastic content more than by 15% without coming down other characteristics, more details in this article.

The main reasons for the popularity of Polypak’s bale net wrap

It increases the life cycle of the baler

Polypak’s bale net wrap is high quality. Thanks to over stability to tear up hay or straw are fixed in a bale. As the structure of the material is correct and entire it positively has an effect on the wrapping machine and more specifically on the baler. Additionally, the bale net wrap does not plug the space between the trailer and tractor. Due to this breakage risk of machine is minimum while wrapping.

High speed of bale wrapping

We have already written that wrapping speed into bale net wrap is higher than into twine. It saves time and other resources such as wages bill, petrol, and lubricants. You can find more details in this article.

Quality bale wrapping and protection from the bad weather

The structure and special aspects of the bale net wrap allow covering the whole surface of the bale. The right form is created per revolution, and 2-4 revolutions provide safety in transportation and storage. Thanks to a tight coat feedstuff are protected from external effects allowing keeping more useful nutrients in contrast to twine wrapping. It is possible to get an ideal anaerobic environment for long-term storage of feedstuff almost without loss of property with the help of further use together with the agricultural stretch film.
Extra fibers in the structure of Polypak’s bale net wrap connect the main ones and fix the bale firmly. With the help of these fibers, tightness and protection from the external environment are increased.

Quick and easy removal of material

This is an obvious advantage because it is important not only has the speed of straw and hay wrapping into the bale but also the working speeded with feedstuff in the future. Moreover, this is easy for farmers to keep a balanced diet of cattle due to the relatively small size of the bale which is wrapped with the bale net wrap. Find out more about our bale net wrap in our other blog articles and have a look at the product catalog.