Polypak usessolar energy

Polipak cares about the planet and strives to minimize the negative impact of production on the environment. Due to this, we are constantly improving our technological and business processes, simplifying supply chains, modifying the product formula in accordance with world standards and scientific discoveries. At the same time, improvements often require us to make additional investments in equipment and materials, which we go for, because we understand the importance of the planet for every person.

That is why we installed solar panels on the roof right at the start of the new factory. Solar energy today is the most profitable and environmentally friendly way to obtain electricity, which is necessary for our production and the life of all areas of the factory, including residential and office.

There are no emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere during the production of solar electricity. In addition, solar energy is a renewable source of electricity, its use does not harm our planet. We are happy to use solar panels for our office, production and residential premises.

From the latest eco-improvements in the work of our company, you can read about the new bale net wrap formula. Thanks to this innovation, we reduce the amount of plastic used by 15% while maintaining all the important technical and operational properties of the bale net wrap. Accordingly, we reduce the amount of plastic that needs to be recycled and, in general, the amount of waste after feed stuff packaging.

Read this article on how to properly clean the bale net wrep before feeding animals. The same recommendations will help to properly prepare materials for recycling. Your animals will be fed and healthy, and your farm will be clean, safe and more eco-friendly.