3 years of the building were successfully finished for Polypak: a factory + accommodations + an office

Besides the factory, the entire complex had been built since 2019 year for work of Polypak’s company. These are 40000 square meters of manufacturing, offices, and accommodations for workers who came from other regions. Let’s tell you about it in detail because we are really proud of this project and our new complex.

The first two floors are for people. People who come from remote regions to work live there and also there is a food court and some leisure activities after the working day. It was made because we care about all our workers. It’s important for us that everybody feels themself like in a family because our business began as a family one, and now our family has essentially grown.

The third floor is for office units. Here there is a room for the company’s CEO, other heads, and all necessary departments which are needed for working: such as production planning department, logistics department, recruitment department, and also departments for our dealers and clients.

The fourth floor is not just the center of the company this is a heart of our company. The laboratories are located here. The laboratory’s workers are responsible for a lot of things:

  • safety and quality of products;
  • developing and improvement of products;
  • conformity of manufacturing activity with standard ISO;
  • health and safety of all company workers;
  • environmental protection.

All other floors from 5 to 7 are for manufacture. We equipped the factory with the newest equipment of the 2022 year, but we are not going to go flat, we are planning another modernization. All manufacturing activities and quality are well managed and controlled products by laboratory workers.

There are only 7 floors and more than 40000 square meters in our manufacturing office housing complex, but we haven’t told you about everything we are proud of. There are solar panels on the roof. With the help of this, our manufacturing is more eco-friendly because we mainly use safe electricity from renewable sources. Our choice is to upgrade and become more environment-oriented. That’s why we have recently improved the formula of our bale net wrap and you can read about it in this article.

We are grateful to the dealers and farmers who are choosing Polypak’s bale net wrap for wrapping the feed stuff. Our company from a small firm became one of the biggest manufacturers of bale net wrap in the world only thanks to these people and the teamwork of our staff.

We promise to produce only excellent and high-quality products for you. We can produce the bale net wrap for your certificate and brand. If you want to know more about it, contact our managers.