How to choosea high-quality bale net wrap

We have already written that the bale net is more and more popular with farming. If the product demand is rising, the number of supplies is also rising. More and more companies are beginning to produce the bale net, but not all offers are best known for their really high quality. Some of the manufacturers save on raw materials in order to cut down the price; somebody doesn’t have a really good formula, experience, or equipment for manufacture. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the choice of manufacture of the bale net wrap.

Firstly when you choose a bale net wrap you should pay attention to the technical characteristic, especially to the size. This is extremely important that the material is suitable for your equipment and covers the whole bale edge to edge. Only in this case, air-tight packing of feedstuff will be enough for long-term storage and transportation. If the bale net wrap is wider than it’s necessary for baler it may cause the hanging up of the bale net in the machine and breakdown. If the width is already necessary, hay or straw won’t be well protected so can’t be stored for the long term and can lose part of its useful properties.

We produce Polypak’s bale net wrap in different sizes. It will be easy for you to choose a suitable bale net for your baler in our Catalog.

Secondly, you should obligatory check the real reviews from other farmers who have already bought this bale net from this manufacturer. In some cases, the real length can be up to 20 % shorter than it was said. “To pay over the odds” it’s not economically profitable with any materials.

The length of Polypak’s bale net wrap is always as we said. We value our reputation because this is one of the reasons why our company is growing year by year.

Thirdly if the bale net is not high quality it can’t provide good protection from the effects of external agents such as rain and ultraviolet rays. As the result, the feedstuff can lose a part of useful and nutritious properties and vitamins. These important and unpleasant wastes can cause more serious problems such as illness and death of animals.

We are improving our manufacturing process for many years to provide the high-quality bale net wrap for our clients. Have a look at farmers’ reviews and other articles on our website, or contact us if you have a request.