Work with the bale net wrap manufacturer

For the first time people started talking about the bale net wrap in the late 80s. So that’s why this technology is relatively new to agriculture in the entire world. But in spite of this, the bale net wrap has become popular very quickly, because it really gives great benefits in contrast to the baler twine. Especially in the case if the feed stuff is prepared to the following tying band with a bale wrap film. Net wrap is easily removed together with the bale wrap film when the farmers need to feed their cattle. We wrote about benefits of bale net wrapping to the baler twine in details in our article.

About Polypak company

Polypak is a company that produces a bale net wrap for more than 20 years. The company began manufacturing as a small family factory and now it has got 35 000 square meters of production space and a staff of nearly 250 workers. We produce the bale net wrap from high-quality fresh raw materials with exact technology compliance and quality control which goes with the world standard. That’s why we have more and more order volume and dealers across continents every year.

Our specialization profile is a bale net wrap manufacture. We are experienced in it, so that’s why hay, straw, and haylage are wrapped up with our products all around the world. Particularly there is a high demand for a net wrap manufacturer Polypak in the USA, Brazil, and Europe. Farmers are good judges of the right procurement of fodder for cattle.

We produce more than 250 000 net wrap rolls every year. It is enough to wrap the whole our planet. But of course, in most cases, the net wrap is used for hay, straw, and haylage.

Bale net wrap manufacturer Polypak

There are 3 main types of bale net wraps in the product range Polypak. You can read about their features on the page Products. Also, you can find some information about the sizes and other technical specifications. The net wraps which are produced in our factory are suitable for all popular types of balers, and different types of feeding crops also they wrap the bales from edge to edge. You can keep wrapped feedstuff just right on the field because it has got ultraviolet protection. We prepared some recommendations about wrapping depending on the types of wrapped feedstuff for our clients and net wrap users. Please follow them. It can help to get the greatest quality of wrapping without wasting packing and also guarantee quite long-term and strong bale wrapping. We improved our manufacturing formula to reduce the impact of using net wrap on the environment. Here are the details.

Special offer from Polypak

If you work directly with us as with the bale net wrap manufacturer, you can order customized manufacturing. We will make a net wrap for you according to the necessary certification and colors. That’s why some balers’ manufacturers who are famous in their countries and all over the world work with us. 

You can find out more about the order of bale net wrap with the help of our managers. Contact us. We are so glad to have new dealers and clients and we try to be in touch with you to improve our products.