Polypak netbecomes more eco-friendly

Our scientists and developers are concerned about the problem of packaging, which is especially actually now all over the world.

Today in all countries the theme of the consumption of plastic waste and its recycling is especially critical.

We support this improving trend to reduce the negative environmental impact Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.That’s why we are constantly improving our production processes to:

  • make a less carbon footprint;
  • make less plastic waste;
  • do our lives cleaner and healthier.

Our entire team, especially scientists and developers, are working hard to reach those goals.
We are constantly modifying our manufacturing processes and products to make them as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. And we are inspired and impressed by the results we have achieved!

Now we are pleased to present to your attention the new Polipak bale net, which you can use to wrap hay, straw and other feed.
Our products are adapted for all popular types of balers used worldwide.
In our catalog you can find the sizes and technical characteristics of our bale net.

The new formula for the production of Polypack products made it possible to increase tensile strength, maintain high performance, and also reduce the amount of plastic in the composition by 15%!
This major step will help reduce the amount of plastic that needs to be recycled.

We produce Polypac net for mesh from materials that are 100% recyclable.
So you can hand it over for further disposal and use to the appropriate factories or recycling centers.

In addition, you can find all Polypack’s company news on our blog on the official website or if you are our dealer you will receive it via email.
We are always in touch with our partners around the world.