How to choosebale net wrap

The most type of roll balers that work with splits can work also with the press bale net wrap. But it’s should be selected correctly. Which bale net would be the best for the hay bale is not dependent on the equipment – the more important thing is the quality of the raw material and the weaving of the packaging material. The point is that the grid from different producers may have different technical characteristics, which directly affects its properties.

The price of the baler net depends not only on its quality, but also on the brand’s reputation. That’s why branded packaging materials from world manufacturers in this segment are more expensive than analogues, while the quality can be at the same level.

Which kind of the net for baling hay should be?

The bale press net must comply with several quality criteria:

Enough strength. It is necessary that the net could securely hold the mold of the baler. As the equipment is pressing the hay quite tightly, it is important to make a sufficient number of the packaging turns material so the workpiece is not damaged due to the pressure inside. For reliable bale fixation, it’s would be enough 2.5-4 turns of the bale with a net, but it’s depending on the diameter and the material that being pressed.

Smooth surface. This is especially important for subsequent packaging into agrostretch film. The hay stalks, that laid down in different directions can damage it and this will disturb the anaerobic environment inside.

The good strength can bring the economy of the time and material as it’s can reduce the number of turns of the bale mesh. This depends on the fact that the lower the tensile strength, it means that the baler has to make more turns.  That’s why the higher quality of the net bring you a cheaper price of packaging and help you to done with cleaning more faster. In the conclusion, we should say that the price of the baler mesh cannot be the main point when you chose it. 

The technical characteristics of net for hay 

For the packaging of hay Polypak net it would be enough 2-2,5 turns, but for straw we recommend to add 1-1.5 turns over, because the pressure inside in such bale will be higher. Such a small number of turns with the packaging material are more economical. And this is possible due to the high quality of the mesh.

The mesh for hay produced of high-quality polyethylene and includes a special stabilizer to protect against UV rays, which will even better protect the feed when it’s stored in the field. The minimum burst force declared by the manufacturer is 270 kg.