What affects the baler`s accuracy during

the wrapping with bale net

The operator of the baler can control the number of the net wrappings from the control panel in the cab or using the mechanical drive of the equipment. Regardless of the method, a situation when the number of revolutions does not correspond to the specified ones may occur. You can check this only on the bale. The settings on the baler are indicative, but cannot be taken as precise.

The number of actual wrappings the baler makes around the bale may vary due to the following factors:

  • precise feeding of the bale net;
  • uniform feeding of packaging material over the entire width of the bale;
  • are there any places where the net accumulates in the baler (this leads to the loss of several meters of material);
  • if there any places where the threads hang from the previous wrapping roll of material (this can lead to pulling the net more by the equipment in one direction);
  • how straw or hay is fed into the baler (uniformly or not).

Once the net has been properly wrapped in the baler, it should only be on the outside of the bale. If part of the packaging ends up inside, it will reduce the reliability of the roll, and the packaging material may be found in the animal feed.

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