How to save on heating with agronet

In the last couple of decades, alternative energy sources have been used extremely widely. More and more companies announce the launch of the use of “green” technology every year. Experts are unanimous in their opinion that the trend of replacing natural gas in the agricultural sector is a realistic prospect for the next few years.

One of the sources of alternative energy is straw left after harvesting crops. It is removed from the field by balers and is used not only as feed or bedding on farms, but also for heating or in drying complexes.

To collect the straw left in the field, balers and bale netting are used. Polypack netting is suitable for all popular types of such equipment. Our bale netting is cheaper than similar products from baler manufacturers. At the same time the quality of Polypack netting is at a high level.

Our bale netting is used in Europe, America, Canada, Argentina, Russia and China. Due to its application in the field of energy saving, it increases the growth of alternative energy sources all over the world.

The agricultural sector belongs to those areas where the development of green energy is extremely fast. It is a good mechanism for companies to increase energy independence, solve part of their environmental problems and save production costs.

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