What should be the parameters of a bale net wrap

A bale net wrap has the following basic parameters: net width and net length.

Polypak net wraps can be from 2000 to 4200 meters. The most popular are net wraps with a winding of 3000 m. This will fit most balers and allows you to wrap 50% more bales without stopping to change the net than 2,000 meters round bale. 4200 m net rolls are heavier than 3000 m, making it more difficult for the operator to change them. In addition, a bale diameter of 4200 m is not suitable for every baler, so the buyer should be careful about the size of the bales when ordering.

The width of a net bale depends on the size of the bale chamber of the baler that is forming it. Farmers mostly use round balers which give a bale width of up to 120 cm. For such equipment, the net is 123-125 cm wide. During wrapping, there is a tension, so the net is fed into the chamber with a width of 120 cm. Consequently, the optimum and most demanding parameters for a bale net roll are a width of 123-125 cm and a winding of 3000 m.

What does the bale diameter affect?

According to the type of chamber in which the bale is formed, balers are divided into:

– with a fixed chamber — bale diameter is constant, in most models 120 cm;

– with interchangeable chamber — bale diameter varies from 1.0 to 2.05 m.

The bale diameter has a direct impact on how much net wrap you need:1.5 m diameter bale will require 8% more net wrap than a 1.2m diameter bale. The larger the diameter of the bale, the more force is needed to hold it in place. For a bigger bale you have to use a net with a bigger tensile strength. If the net is not strong enough, you have to increase the number of layers of net, which will increase the cost of packaging.

Polypak nets can wrap bales of up to 1.8 m in diameter. Depending on the crop to be packed, the number of turns of net required varies.

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