Tractor balers:comparison of popular models

Good packaging must be provided to produce quality feed. This guarantees long-term preservation of products and minimization of losses durning transportation. In this case, the type of packaging material is decisive. It also affects the technique used.

Choosing the material: how many bales per roll net wrap and twine

The most common types of packaging material are twine and net. The first is cheaper. However, the hay net allows for lower production costs through better feed packaging and higher productivity. When using it, the pause in the winding process is reduced by 4 times. This allows 40 bales to be wrapped in an hour instead of 27.

The number of bales per roll of net wrap should be noted separately. One cycle of twine wrapping requires 4 turns. This is 48m of material. The net provides good winding at 2-2.5 rpm. The flow rate will be 12m.

How many bales of hay per roll of net wrap Polypak

The manufacturer offers bale net wrap in two variations. The products have identical technological parameters, only they differ in the length of the winding. The number of bales from a roll of material depends on this:

  • 2000m – from 150 to 200 pieces;
  • 3000m – up to 300 bales.

The only thing is that the width of the bale net wrap roll is 1230mm. Therefore, mini balers are not suitable for her. Moreover, you should choose the right model of equipment.

Reducing net wrap per bale consumption with the right baler

In this case, it is necessary to choose taking into account the type of camera. It can be fixed or changeable. The first one typical for balers. Variable is present in roll.

Thanks to the customization of the chamber size, it is possible to make rolls of various sizes using the mesh. Also, the type of chamber is important for the packing density. For example, at the start of a baling operation, the chamber of a fixed square baler is empty. Due to the small starting volume, the finished bale has a looser center.

A variable camera excludes this. It increases as the roll becomes heavier. This way the weight is controlled and the packing density can be controlled. Also, a variable chamber makes it possible to customize the size of the rolls. Consequently, weight.

TOP-3 manufacturers of balers

The manufacturer provides exceptional durability and functionality of the equipment. With its help, straw and hay are collected from windrows. Pressing is carried out automatically with subsequent wrapping. The finished feed can be laid out on the field, or transported to the loading platform.

Features of John Deere equipment:

  • Simplicity and reliability of use;
  • Compactness;
  • High productivity, due to the high speed with which the piston moves in the chamber;
  • In the presence of a gear knitting device, the device does not require lubrication;
  • The welded bale chamber retains its shape even under prolonged mechanical stress.

The technique combines functionality, ease of use, and manufacturability to guarantee the optimal tension of the packaging material. The balers are resistant to high intensive loads. Even under such conditions, they work stably and without interruption. All thanks to the exceptional thoughtfulness of the movement of each unit of technology.

Features of Claas Rollant:

  • The presence of large lateral augers, providing a uniform distribution of mass over the entire width of the chamber;
  • The netting system is clearly visible during operation, which simplifies the control of the mass flow;
  • Increased coverage (up to 2.1 m);
  • A well-thought-out distance between the teeth allows the baler to collect the entire crop without leaving anything behind;
  • Control of pressing pressure through the OPERATOR terminal;
  • Automatic opening/closing of the rear door.

The most famous models of balers are Comprima and BiG Pack. The former is equipped with a variable press chamber. The latter provides for the presence of a series of Titan universal accumulators.

The customizable camera in Comprima is already convenient. However, this is not the only feature of the model. It contains:

  • EasyFlow pick-up, which does not require support control;
  • NovoGrip pressing system, equipped with rubber belts with fabric reinforcement, as well as crossbars;
  • Exceptionally smooth running of equipment;
  • High throughput;
  • Good compaction density;
  • Exceptional durability, minimizing the cost of maintenance.

BiG Pack balers have a fixed chamber. However, it differs depending on the model. The Polypak bale net wrap has a roll width of 1230 mm. Therefore, it is worth choosing the Krone BiG Pack with the appropriate camera size.