Why do  you need a net when harvesting silage?

Harvesting each type of feed has its own characteristics. They are determined by the plants used, directly by the cooking technology and the required percentage of moisture. So, harvesting hay containing legumes involves prolonged drying of plants. The finished feed should have a moisture content of 17%. This results in a high loss of nutritional value.

Harvesting alfalfa, clover, and sainfoin eliminates silage without drying. Primarily because legumes are low in sugar and high in protein. This excludes the possibility of lowering the pH to 3.8-4.2.

The best solution is to combine the principles of acid preservation and the physiological dryness of the feed. The first is used for silage preparation. The second while making hay. The combination of the principles allows you to harvest wilted grass haylage, which preserves the maximum level of nutrients in legumes.

In this case, a sufficient indicator of Рн is 5.0-5.5. To reduce humidity, the green mass is wilted. The required moisture content is 45-50%. The technology makes it possible to harvest the most valuable feed that ensures high productivity of cows. It is important to preserve nutritional value. You can do this by purchasing buy baler net wrap. It will protect the feed from negative environmental factors and ensure that the maximum benefits are maintained.

What crops is the mesh suitable for?

The net is suitable for baling various crops. With the help of it, you can prepare hay, straw, and silage, preserving the valuable properties of the crop for a long time. This packaging material is suitable for manual and automatic packaging. However, in order to ensure a snug fit and therefore secure, it is better to use a baler. To correctly buy hay net wrap for a certain type of crop, please contact our managers and they will offer the best option.

Do you need a special silage net?

The answer is no. The net is a versatile packaging material. It can be used to bale hay, straw, silage, and silos. The only thing, when preparing silos, you also need to buy cover edge net wrap. It will protect food from rain, wind, and insects.

When choosing a net, only the diameter of the baler chamber should be considered. The material is suitable for almost any equipment. However, some twine models have a small chamber that does not fit the net roll. The ideal solution for this is a custom baler.

Where to buy bale net wrap?

High-quality and environmentally friendly mesh is presented on our website. The packaging material is easily installed in the baler. Possesses high tensile strength, allowing reliable packaging without tearing.

Due to the high-quality workmanship, it excludes the possibility of fiber getting into the feed, thereby guaranteeing the health of the animals. Covers bales evenly. This provides a high packing density, protection from external factors, and long-term preservation of the feed. Also minimizes losses during transportation.

We offer a range of bale net wrap. You can choose a product according to your needs.

Do you still have questions? Do you need advice on the choice of material? Then contact us by phone number or write to us by mail, and we will answer any questions.