What isbale net wrap?

Hay baling is a hay harvesting process that protects it from negative environmental influences and preserves the valuable properties of feed. This packaging method makes it possible to create bales of the required size that will not fall apart. This technology greatly simplifies the transportation of workpieces and reduces shipping costs. The hay is baled with a wrapping net. In this article, we will tell you more about this material and its benefits.

Today the hay netting is extremely popular. This is due to its high strength and excellent resistance to negative environmental influences. The material is compatible with modern special equipment, which allows for easy baling, regardless of weather conditions.

Net wrap for round balers is made from high strength raw materials, which give the product excellent wear resistance. Thus, if you try to make a gap, the material will be resistant to it. Another feature of the net is its lightweight and the ability to stack the bales as tightly as possible. This simplifies the process of harvesting and storing feed.

For clarity, the net makes it possible to wrap large bales up to 4 times faster when compared to twine. As a result, the work is done much faster and you save a lot of time.

Bale net wrap manufacturer from Chinese is designed to work with hay and straw. However, it is suitable for garter and various crops, making it a versatile tool in every farmer’s arsenal.

The clear benefits of using a baling net

  • Tight bale bandage. This means that the hay will be optimally baled. The food will be securely fixed and will not fall out. Moreover, there will be no extra space for the accidental ingress of foreign objects.
  • Neat bales. You will get perfectly packed hay, no humps. This brings order to storage and saves space.
  • Collection of chopped mows. With the baling net, it becomes real and convenient.
  • Saving time. Thanks to modern technology, the properties of the mesh allow you to optimize the process and waste your time wisely. Now you will be able to do more and spend much less time.
  • Hay protection. The workpieces are reliably protected from the negative effects of light and the sun, therefore, its useful properties are preserved longer.
  • Reduced fuel costs. One wrapping cycle takes 15 seconds, and you need to use 3 such cycles to pack.
  • Protection against mechanical stress. The mesh has tremendous strength, so it is not afraid of breaks.
  • Safe for livestock. With these materials, you can not worry about the ingestion of harmful residues of raw materials in animal food. This is out of the question.
  • Versatility. The mesh is compatible with various cultures. This means that you only need to purchase one packaging material and you can use it to harvest all the feed. Thus, you can save around amount of money.


The baling net is a modern material that allows you to optimize the process, save time, and provide valuable feed for your livestock. It is compatible with a variety of equipment and is suitable for different crops. With it, you can create tight bales that are easy to transport and store. There are many bale net wrap manufacturers on the market, however, the choice of the supplier must be approached very carefully. This is the only way you can get a quality product that will solve the assigned tasks.

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