How to remove bale net wrap

Feeding cattle with round bales may seem like a daunting task.

Removing strings, called twine, requires attention and caution. If bale net wrap is removed incorrectly, an error could lead to the death of cattle. Try to follow the  precise  sequence of actions for the first time. The  method will save time and secure your livestock.

Why isit important?

Farmers remove the grid before feeding. Before feeding, you should inspect the hay. If you don’t remove the grid, the consequences can be harmful. Sometimes cattle could eat hay, leaving inedible parts on the ground. Still, we know cases of death eating a net or wrapping twine. They injure the walls of animal organs or stop the process of digestion. Even if buying biodegradable products, take care of keeping cattle safe. Try to remove the twine by going the following stages.

Step 1. Cut

Proceed to the first step in bale net wrap removal with a sharpened knife. Start making cuts at the place located at chest level. When you begin to unfold the net, check that streams are directed in the right way. Turn the net – it should unfold just as a carpet or canvas. If the twines don’t turn well, make extra cuts. Sometimes the threads are hiding deep in a bale. Check several times that all the threads are cut and there are no small fragments left in the bale. If the cord is deep into the bale, try to find it and define the sequence for the cut.

Step 2. Gather

Collect the twine. Gather enough streams to hold them tightly in your hand. Keep collecting until you are sure you can pull them. Mesh parts are connected and removed without difficulty, so at the stage, you can understand if you missed some cutting threads. If you notice this, then cut remaining twines.

Step 3. Pull-off

Pull the net out, beware of sharp objects. Pull the remaining threads out of the bale. You need to make an effort, so you can pull the thread and tie a simple knot. It is better to get the thread in one motion.

You can use this method, removing the grid.  The old mesh breaks, so you need to be careful about removing it.

At winter the ice holds the thread, so it is better to remove bale net wrap in summer or spring.

Removing the rope may require physical strength, so don’t be afraid to pull it. Use a stick or any auxiliary item, if needed.

Step 4. Check

Check the result. Gather a thread or net in a bun to make sure cattle cannot accidentally eat it. Form a bunch of twines. Check your work. Make sure you collect all strings and nothing is left on the ground. Try to dispose all the threads.

Bale net wrap removal is a mandatory option for feeding animals, but precision and caution are required.

Follow these simple instruction  and your cattle will be safe and well-fed.