The largest bale net wraps plant with unique quality control

The largest bale net wraps plantwith unique quality control Since 1997, our company has been successfully producing bale net wraps, which are exported to many countries around the world. Thanks to stable quality, the demand for our grid is ahead of our production capabilities. Therefore, we launched our most important project – the construction of […]

Tractor balers: comparison of popular models

Tractor balers:comparison of popular models Good packaging must be provided to produce quality feed. This guarantees long-term preservation of products and minimization of losses durning transportation. In this case, the type of packaging material is decisive. It also affects the technique used. Choosing the material: how many bales per roll net wrap and twine The […]

When to cut your Hay

When to cut your hay Feed is an essential ingredient for animal growth and health. Theregore, its preparation must be approached with special responsibility. In particular, the nutritional value of you hay will depend on how well you prepare it. Violation of technological process can not only deprive the feed of useful properties but also […]

Buy net wrap for round balers

Buy net wrapfor round balers Bale net wrap is a modern packaging material. It is easy to use and provides excellent business benefits. Therefore, they pay attention to it. The question of cost is becoming more and more urgent. Today we will tell you what the net price depends on and how to reduce it. […]

What is bale net wrap?

What isbale net wrap? Hay baling is a hay harvesting process that protects it from negative environmental influences and preserves the valuable properties of feed. This packaging method makes it possible to create bales of the required size that will not fall apart. This technology greatly simplifies the transportation of workpieces and reduces shipping costs. […]

How many wraps of net you should use?

silage bale net wrap

How many wraps of net you should use? Net wrapping is quite a reliable way to ensure your bales are in safe and sound to the moment they are consumed. But if you want everything to be done right, you should clearly understand how many wraps of net is enough for each bale. It actually […]